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Adil Amir

Game Developer

Adil Amir, an accomplished Game Developer with five years of professional experience, excels in crafting captivating gaming experiences.

Majid Rehan

3D Modeler

Introducing Majid Rehan, our skilled 3D Modeler, whose creative vision and technical expertise breathe life into our gaming environments

Muhammad Kashif

2D Designer

Meet Muhammad Kashif, our talented 2D Designer, bringing a world of imagination to life with his artistic prowess.

Sheikh Shahryar

Unity Developer

Meet Sheikh Shahryar, our adept Unity Developer, the driving force behind the seamless fusion of creativity and functionality in our gaming projects.

Hassan Raza

Computer Graphics Artist

Introducing Hassan Raza, our visionary Computer Graphics Artist, whose creativity transforms concepts into visually stunning realities.

Ahmad Alam

Quality Assurance (Junior)

Meet Ahmad Alam, our dedicated Quality Assurance Junior, entrusted with ensuring the excellence and reliability of our gaming projects

Muhammad Hamza

Game Developer

Introducing Muhammad Hamza, our accomplished game developer, whose passion and proficiency elevate virtual worlds to new heights.

Muhammad Umar

Flutter Developer

Meet Muhammad Umar, our skilled Flutter developer, who brings creativity and expertise to the forefront of every project.

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Games, community and digital experiences, created with ambition, innovation, and care.

Peter Bowman

Creative Director

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